i m getting this problem when produced an internet make sure run this for load test

The burden test results database couldn't be opened up. Make sure that the burden test results database per the connect string for the test controller (or local machine) identifies a database that consists of the burden test schema which is presently available. To learn more, begin to see the Visual Studio help subject 'About the burden Test Results Store'. The bond error was: A mistake happened while trying to produce the burden test results repository schema: To produce the database 'LoadTest2010' your user account should have the either the SQL Server 'sysadmin' role or both 'serveradmin' and 'dbcreator' roles

please assist me of the

The fundamental problem here is you permissions aren't suitable for the account that you're using to operate the burden test. What account? That is dependent on regardless if you are managing a controller and agents or if you're just running your load test in your area in Visual Studio or MSTest.

Within the latter situation, make certain the qualifications you utilize to sign in for your Visual Studio/MSTest machine will help you to also produce a database in your SQL Server.

If you work with a controller and agents, the consumer qualifications that you simply enter your Controller configuration tool should have individuals same permissions.

You've most likely read this before. See clearly again after which adjust your user permissions or get the Sysadmin to get it done.