I have used in excess of 12 years PHP with Apache (a.k.a mod_php) for my web development work. I have recenlty discovered python and it is real energy (I still do not understand why this isn't always the very best product which becomes the favourite). I have just discovered mod_python for Apache. I have already researched but with no success such things as mod_python vs mod_php. I needed to understand the variations between your two mod_php and mod_python when it comes to:

  • speed
  • productivity
  • maintainance (I understand `python is best and maintainable language on the planet, but could it be exactly the same for Web programming with Apache)
  • accessibility to features e.g, snacks and session handling, databases, methods, etc.

My understanding is the fact that PHP was created with Internet/Web in your mind, but Python is perfect for a far more general purpose.

Now many people are departing mod_python for mod_wsgi, that is better quality and versatile.

To reply to other questions:

  • speed: python is faster. (PHP is reduced than both ruby and python)
  • productivity: a minimum of just like php with plenty of libraries
  • maintenance: python is obvious and neat
  • features: a lot more than you'll need, I'd say.

Python wasn't popular on web since it wasn't centered on web whatsoever. It's a lot of web frameworks (more frameworks than programming languages), therefore the community is not as strong as Ruby on Rails.

I needed to understand the variations between your two mod_php and mod_python...

PHP is much more broadly on Internet hosts than Python.

I have observed on a single of my Python internet sites when I am the very first user to make use of Python, on that Internet host, the beginning up duration of the Python services could be measured within a few minutes. Many people will not wait minutes for any web site to appear.

Python has got the same web features (snacks, session handling, database connections, methods) as PHP.