I'm running the most recent version of web.py with mod_wsgi and also have this during my code:

application = web.application(urls, globals(), autoreload=True).wsgifunc()

It's autoreloading more often than not but once in awhile I have to visit the command line and restart Apache myself. Any idea why it's not always "autoreloading"?


Apache 2.2.12
Python 2.6
web.py 0.33
mod_wsgi 3.1

You should not depend around the internal web.py reloading mechanism under Apache/mod_wsgi as unlikely to operate correctly if whatsoever. Disable the net.py reloading mechanism for those who have enabled it in some manner, after which read:


This describes how reloading works under Apache/mod_wsgi.

In a nutshell, use mod_wsgi daemon mode and after changes touch the WSGI script file.