Looking for a method to quickly develop web services around the Mac Server platform that'll be offered via Apache and want to have the ability to email flat files or SQL Lite around the Mac.

We've .internet, ObjC, C++, Python, and Java abilities. We've done plenty of web service work before on Home windows and can most likely opt for Azure whenever we build the product.

Our development server is on Macosx 10.5.8 and that we take presctiption a good some time and cost budget to obtain a prototype accomplished for a little beta group (< than 500 transactions daily) that people can later rework.

We're thinking Cleaning soap, possibly Relaxation. Unsure what's readily available for Mac?

Any help appreciated // :)

How about Ruby on Rails? Simple to deploy, runs great around the Mac - and it is trivial to create Peaceful web services for.

Should you dont need all of the miracle of Rails, another (although) Ruby option is to make use of Sinatra - I'd challenge anybody to locate a Peaceful webservices library simpler to make use of than that - its so elegant and thus easy. I'm primarilly b .Internet developer, however i acquired Ruby and Sinatra inside a heartbeat.

Either in situation, I'd avoid Cleaning soap - For me it is simply too inflexible nowadays. Inside a web 2 . 0. realm of live internet APIs making the webservices Peaceful may be the simpler, faster (and more compact) option. We accustomed to use Cleaning soap solely where Sometimes, but the truth is it just does not deliever in the same manner that Relaxation does. Using the ease of access of JSON and XML serialization frameworks out for just about any languge the object passing is trivial. Cleaning soap is harder to scale, is harder to check, uses more bandwidth and isn't as flexible. Not everything can talk Cleaning soap (as they are), but let me know something which cant perform a HTTP request?

If you're creating a service, you'll want an idea what clients you are attempting for everyone. If individuals clients expect to speak to a Cleaning soap service, you will need Cleaning soap. If you're just serving JavaScript code-in-a-browser, Relaxation is most likely sufficient.

Apache CXF, being 100% Free Java, may be used to build Relaxation or Cleaning soap services on MacOS or elsewhere. You will find, obviously, other available choices.