I simply did a brand new install of wordpress and transformed my DNS. It's been about 4 hrs and all sorts of I get is really a plain whitened screen, even if I personally use a proxy server. Can there be some steps I skipped? My URL is www.khopon.com

Normaly DNS changes require 42hours to accomplish and start working fully, what you might do in the meantime is relabel your wordpress-config.php file, then wordpress will believe that its a brand new install,

Presently your nameservers are going to ns2.convergentaz.internet ns1.convergentaz.internet

make sure they're correct for the host, even update the mx records to fit your server ip

ie: @ www

clearly change that ip to fit your server ip of the website. more often than not you need to get a temp url you have access to while your DNS is propogating, ie:


after that you need to have the ability to access your website before the DNS takes over..