I am a C++ developer with fundamental Python abilities. Here's the job, a friend is running small businesses and that he requested me basically can produce a website for him. I've no real deadline and so i think it is a perfect chance to test sth new and perform some web design.

User needs to have the ability to add photos, change texts ect.

Do you consider that Django could be an overkill with this type of project? I've no training by using it. Possibly I ought to attempt to personalize some blog engine or Google Sites?

You might be thinking about Google Application Engine (http://code.google.com/appengine) which lately showed an increase in recognition. The applying operates on Google's servers, getting rid of the necessity to maintain Apache and be worried about up-time. You essentially obtain a Django-based solution having a data store, by having an SDK which enables you to definitely easily develop a credit card applicatoin in your desktop after which upload it to appspot.com for everybody to make use of.

The documentation is excellent, and even when you eventually decide to not utilize it, the tutorial is great to get you up to date on Python and webapp design. There's additionally a codelab which consists of an easy Wiki example.

If you want to setup rapidly a quite simple website, Wordpress could possibly be the perfect choice.

Wordpress comes into the world like a blogging service, however in the more recent version you can handle pages, contact page and so forth. And you will find good plug ins to grow its abilities. The administration interface of wordpress is neat and simple to use, the page or article editor is straightforward and effective. Add a picture inside a publish or perhaps in a webpage is simple and intuitive as with not one other opensource Content management systems I have seen.

Django is a nice flexible framework, it has a tendency to scale well both up and lower. It might be overkill to need to discover the whole API just for a simple site, but when you are searching to understand new things, and also have a while to spare, then it is an enjoyable platform to understand and work from. My suggestion is always to install the API and also have a adjust it, browse the Django book and find out the way you access it.

Maybe before diving into Joomla or Django an initial step ought to be dealing with the technologies inside a raw, pure way. Produce a simple web site that excutes some server side script (python? php?) that retrieves data from the mySQL database and shows it. Toss in just a little javascript too. So that you simply understand the bare-bones basic principles.

When you dive in to the large frameworks and libraries, they will not appear so magical.

If you are really asking exactly what the best tool to do the job is, then you will need to give a bit more detail than "first small web project." If what you're asking is much more like you need to learn web database integration and what you know is C++ and python what exactly will be a good web application stack where one can leverage your present skillset, then listed here are more suggestions.

Django is fairly awesome. Everybody has spoken about this here. As pointed out earlier, the google application engine is kind of according to Django.

Also, consider zope that is another python based web application container.

Should you desired to leverage your C++ understanding rather, then consider Wt.

Why not have a look in the hello world good examples for those three and choose which looks probably the most interesting for you?