Can anybody suggest how you can host a web2py application? I understand that google application engine is definitely an option, but when I personally use that may I allow it to be show as my very own domain? Every other hosting options better?

I appreciate the assistance


Yes, you are able to make use of a custom domain with Application Engine. However, it will not use SSL, so any https Web addresses will need to undergo your domain. Note, although GAE is ideal for scaling and reducing server administration, it will possess some restrictions that may affect the application architecture, which means you should make certain it's appropriate to your requirements. Begin to see the web2py book for particulars on implementing web2py applications to GAE.

Apart from GAE, you need to have the ability to host web2py applications nearly anywhere you are able to run Python, including many shared hosts. For VPS/devoted hosting, I believe a typical setup is Ubuntu and Apache. Begin to see the book for deployment instructions, including pointers with a one-step deployment scripts.

For hosting that is shared, I have seen strategies for WebFaction and DreamHost. For VPS/cloud hosting, I have seen strategies for VPS.internet, Slicehost, DreamHost, Rackspace, Amazon . com EC2, along with a couple of others.

Gleam cool product in beta known as DotCloud -- they agreed to help you put together a "web2py on DotCloud" tutorial (really, appears like they are in possession of a tutorial).

Best of luck. If you have more questions, you need to request the web2py subscriber list -- you'll generally have more and faster reactions there.