I am creating a poetry site with user posted content. The appropriate user actions for my questions are that customers can:

  • a. Visit to determine all poems to date
  • b. Visit submit your personal poem.
  • c. Visit to see a specific poem you've saved before.
  • d. Visit to go in a thing to find in most the poems.

All of the poems are saved as text fields inside a database and recommended with a poem id. Therefore the "apoemid" in step c would be the primary key from the tuple and I'll just pull-up the written text after you have the important thing in the url.


    1. The poems exist nowhere except inside a database. My webapp generally is 4 html files. Will this method affect my internet search engine ratings?
    2. It is possible to more effective method of doing 'd' instead of perform a Choose * around the db and by hand parsing the written text around the server? Each poem is going to be at most 10 lines lengthy, and so i would imagine utilizing a full text internet search engine like Lucerne will most likely be overkill.


I am running this around the google application engine for the time being, so my database personalization choices are pretty limited. So while I'd certainly want to consider listening to an effective way to get this done, this can be a pet side project so my finances are limited :(


Edit: Apparently I do not google very well at 7am. I have since found an answer for question 2 here so please disregard question 2.

AppEngine presently does not support full text indexing, they are doing possess a an improvement on nothing SearchableModel.

Some particulars of SearchableModel are available here:

Regarding internet search engine ranking, yes getting all of your poems within the datastore can impact your ranking. This really is generally overcome by using a sitemap. Here's articles about how exactly StackOverflow utilizes a sitemap to assist its ranking.

In many database engines, you are able to make this happen type of searching. For instance MysQL comes with full text searching. I don't know how application engine works but you could possess a saved procedure performs this search.

In which you store your computer data won't affect your site's ranking, only the way you serve up (on which Web addresses, etc). There's no way to have an arbitrary search spider to inform in which you store your computer data, with no reason for this of looking after, either.

No matter the duration of your text, you'll need full-text searching if you wish to search in the string. As Mike highlights, SearchableModel must work all right for your.