I've got a demonstration of Oracle Access Manager set on Server A along with a copy of WebGate set on Apache on Server B that ought to work but is not. After I attempt to access http(s)://hostname:port/access/oblix/applications/ webgate/bin/webgate.cgi?progid=1 as specified by the directions after everything is to establish, I recieve an internet page that states:

No Response from Application Web Server

There is no response in the application web server for that page you asked for. Please inform the site's website owner and check out your request again later.

I recieve exactly the same error message when being able to access other pages that are established to be protected by WebGate with LocationMatch in Apache's httpd.conf.

Also, I am not receiving any output in webgate/access/oblix/logs/oblog.log despite the fact that webgate/access/oblix/conf/oblog_config_wg.xml has got the log level set to LOGLEVEL_TRACE.

Does anybody have ideas on which config files to check on that may be leading to this issue?

Edit 1: I have discovered that after i access a webpage protected by WebGate, the Apache error_log has this:

[Thu March 8 09:44:23 2009] [notice] child pid 4970 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

Edit 2: Also, for whatever reason, pages which should be protected by WebGate don't trigger an update to Apache's access_log, despite the fact that they are doing return that error message.

Ah the pleasure from the webgate install. Listed here are the typical questions I request myself:

Does the apache user also own your directory where webgate is installed? Are you currently running this with an OS and Apache version verified by Oracle? Is the httpd.conf properly setup using the WebGate configs? Have you put LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.19 export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL inside your init.d/httpd file? Are you currently clocks synchronized between your Access server and also the apache host?

Re-installing Webgate fixed the issue. Unsure what screwed up.