In webhost4life, anybody understand how I'm able to redirect the consumer once the they hit the main domain, i.e. redirect to world wide



I have found a configuration file within the root known as httpd.ini

This consists of the followig


### subdomain redirect v2 ###

RewriteCond Host: ?

RewriteCond URL ^*)

RewriteCond METHOD GET

RewriteRule .? world wide*) /$1 [I,R]

RewriteCond Host: (?:.+.)?

RewriteCond METHOD Publish

RewriteRule ^/*) /$1 [I]

RewriteCond Host: (?:.+.)?

RewriteRule (.*) /$1 [I,L]

Can someone explain the way i can alter this? I have found some code on mod_rewrite but this really is iis. I do not have an excellent understadning of standard exressions making this a little of the black art in my experience

Can any help?


technically you are not speaking concerning the domain but instead the webserver's reaction to a request. it is possible a variety of ways, but take a look at Apache's mod_rewrite.

Begin to see the section "Canonical Hostnames" at

If you work with that old WebHost4Life interface, just click on "Set Redirection" and point to world wide

I believed it! :)

# Move everything from non- world wide -> world wide

# e.g. -> world wide

RewriteCond %HTTPS off

RewriteCond Host: (?!^world wide

RewriteRule /(.*) http://world wide$2 [I,RP]

I simply added this above changing the domain :)

http://world wide windows/isapi/rules/