No clue what's happened here - I have used Webmatrix to construct a wordpress site - all things have been going nicely. Powered from the machine last evening, now today am not able to operate the website.

Opera provides me with this error -

Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost:portnumber.

I have attempted running other sites from Webmatrix, no pleasure. Uninstalled xampp. Home windows firewall is off, Norton firewall has got the appropriate exceptions.

Where has localhost gone? Anybody?

EDIT: reinstalled Webmatrix, no change. Re-installing MySQL atm, might find in the event that helps. EDIT: nup. Clean install of Webmatrix, MySQL and wordpress does not matter.

All appears to become working again - restarted, swore just a little, were built with a coffee and boom, in business. It was the promising that assisted.

Just suggestions

Mysql's default port is 3306. you should check them if Mysql services are running or otherwise.

next run mysqld in command prompt to operate the mysql in your home windows.

let me know a factor that that which you speaking about Firefox can't establish a connection i think you'll are speaking about Microsoft Webmatrix