I'm located in the United kingdom and also have two webservers, one German based (1&1) and also the other is United kingdom based (Easyspace).

I lately registered towards the United kingdom easyspace server since it was comparable cost I taken care of my 1&1 server but additionally I needed to ascertain if my sites located on the United kingdom server gave better results when it comes to United kingdom based traffic.

Its appears my visitors are roughly exactly the same for servers... however 1&1 server performance and customer support is way better than Easyspace and so i was considering rescheduling it and becoming another 1&1 server.

I realize about latency issues where USA/Asia could be much reduced for United kingdom traffic however i am just wondering what your ideas are traffic, Search engine optimization etc and when you believe I ought to stay with a United kingdom server or maybe it does not matter?

Searching toward your replies.

I have not heard about common search engines like google ranking sites by their response time because it is highly variable because of the character from the internet. If your internet search engine would penalize you for that subnet you are well on then you definitely have in all probability bigger problems.

I recieve better results on the internet.org.au for my sites than you are on other flavours of google, despite the fact that the websites aren't hosting around australia. So I recommend the bodily location from the servers will not matter a lot and when you're attempting to be greater on google.co.united kingdom you may want a co.united kingdom domain?

Google affiliates an area together with your site mostly through its suffix (TLD/SLD, eg. .co.united kingdom), but when you produce a Google Website owner Tools account you are able to tell it otherwise within the odd situation it can make an error.

So far as the visitors are concerned the website is going to be loaded fast for United kingdom site visitors. I would recommend by using this server if much of your site visitors come from United kingdom. Server location doesn't have to so something with Search engine optimization.

Stay with your United kingdom server if you feel its better.

My primary problem is losing United kingdom based clients when the server is situated outdoors the United kingdom however it seems in the comments this is most likely not the situation.

However, my United kingdom server relies in Scotland, my other server relies in Germany and it is really nearer to London than Scotland?

Simply to compare the rate between Scotland server and Germany server:

=== Germany Based ===

Pinging firststopdigital.com []:

Ping #1: Got reply from in 126ms [TTL=46]

Ping #2: Got reply from in 126ms [TTL=46]

Ping #3: Got reply from in 126ms [TTL=46]

Ping #4: Got reply from in 126ms [TTL=46]

Variation:                 .4ms (+/- %)

Least Time:             126ms

Average:                   126ms

Longest Time:              126ms

=== United kingdom Based ===

Pinging pb-internet.co.united kingdom []:

Ping #1: Got reply from in 120ms [TTL=55]

Ping #2: Got reply from in 119ms [TTL=55]

Ping #3: Got reply from in 119ms [TTL=55]

Ping #4: Got reply from in 119ms [TTL=55]

Variation:                 .3ms (+/- %)

Least Time:             119ms

Average:                   119ms

Longest Time:              120ms

The main difference is about 6ms which isn't much whatsoever.

Incidentally I simply carried out a ping to some USA based domain I own:

Pinging pbnetltd.com []:

Ping #1: Got reply from in 6.4ms [TTL=121]

Ping #2: Got reply from in 6.3ms [TTL=121]

Ping #3: Got reply from in 6.2ms [TTL=121]

Ping #4: Got reply from in 6.3ms [TTL=121]

Variation:                 .2ms (+/- 3%)

Least Time:             6.2ms

Average:                   6.3ms

Longest Time:              6.4ms

The United States timings tend to be faster thinking about the additional distance over the Atlantic to NY and back (9am United kingdom time so USA are sleeping - will attempt again tonight).