I am a new comer to creating websites and have no knowledge concerning the process, so bear beside me. I have used c++ for some time and started determining obj-c lately.

I have lately written an apple iphone application, I must then add functionality that will enable it for connecting to some sql lite or msql database I'll create, and download just a little information from this. My issue is which i have no knowledge of the items I have to offer this particular service to individuals that'll be while using application.

And So I suppose I've got a couple of questions. What service(s) should i purchase to have the ability to a)have an online prescence and b)host a db there that my application can connect with (it won't make use of a browser window, it'll display the data in the db inside a table I'll make)? Typically what language is one thing such as the server side accessibility db designed in? I am confident with c++ and so i assume c# could be easy to determine, basically may use b .internet language with this that might be great.

I have attempted searching at webhosting places but you will find simply to damn many buzzowrds and that i have no clue the things they mean or maybe I want them. It can be because I'm not sure much relating to this however it appears like after i attempt to discover the packages that say godaddy offers, the description is lite on content and high on buzzwords (cloud this, webapp that).

Therefore if anybody could explain precisely what I have to possess a simple website, and host a db online that may be access by my application running within an apple iphone I'd greatly be thankful. I stress that me are extremely fundamental, a really small very fundamental website, along with a really small very fundamental db for remote access.

If the is not the normal kind of question requested here' apologize, but I have been coming for years to find solutions for c++ problems and try to found the city very knowledgeable and concise.

SQLite would essentially be considered a local database 'file' that's utilized while using SQLite library, dealing with it as being a complete database.

If you're searching for something that's saved inside a centralized server that delivers use of all cases of your application, then something similar to mysql, postgresql or microsoft sql server is most likely what you should want to consider.

In case your application is really as fundamental while you say it's, you can find away with contacted on saved methods, that are essentially like functions designed in SQL that will get known as on and return something.

You'd essentially connect with a website having a certain path and port to gain access to the sql db, and likely have to authenticate in some way. Thats your decision wether you'll use a distinctive user/pass for every application (guid based?) or embed just one user/pass for 'app' generally after which further refine the information that will get utilized according to guid or whatever. Essentially here's your decision when it comes to design.

If you prefer a good starting point, checkout MediaTemple's Power grid offering. Its relatively inexpensively and you will easily relocate if you wish to be located elsewhere. This really is making the assumption that you would like to purchase something thats located for you personally instead of do all of it yourself. You can install mysql by yourself box and fasten into it having its IP and research like this too.

*one extra note, you might want to further produce a webservice that handles application demands for information, serving as a intermediary involving the application and db. This can be a a bit more work and is dependent on which platform you're focusing on. During my particular MediaTemple suggestion .internet isn't a choice as that's located on linux.