An amount you think about a micro, small, medium and enormous site according to unique site visitors etc.

Presuming all sites are extremely fundamental like: Django, blogging, photo uploading, etc.

No special applications doing any crazy processing, just normal business website.

Im trying to puzzle out the number of Django sites could be comfortable on the Linode 512 or similar.

Any ideas?

  • Micro <= 1k unique site visitors/month and <= 5k pageviews
  • Small = 5k unique site visitors/month and = 25k pageviews
  • Medium = 25k unique site visitors/month and = 150k pageviews
  • Large >= 200k unique site visitors/month and >= 1M - 1.5M pageviews

It's tough to tell the number of customers you'll fit in your Django site, because we now have no clue what IO throughput you're expecting and just how the read versus. write ratio appears like. If you're creating a standard webapp, where for each write that happens with a user you will see a thousand reads, you'll have the ability to fit comfortable one medium site (see above definitions) around the Linode 512MB box underneath the condition that you simply cache the dynamically produced HTML (memcache is excellent) which you place all truly static content inside a CDN (CloudFiles from Rackspace rocks !).

Hope this can help. M.

Cloudfiles (CDN) from Rackspace and Akamain

Rackspace Cloud Servers, Linode 512MB equivalent for 21 dollars per month

MemCache rocks ! for distributed caching