I figured I'd find decent questions and solutions with this, but none of them really caught my attention...

I'm a C++ developer and that i own a couple of domain names. I would like to begin with simple internet sites for every having a minimum of some time and fuss and minimum learning. I've a lot of projects going and not have the time for you to learn to build websites.

The first is for an organization that presently only has just one product with custom development too. I compromised together some really bad html with paypal links onto it. It is only one easy product. I wish to add uservoice into it and perhaps another things like FAQ, forums, etc. At this time I simply connect to a google group I produced.

These guys a startup in development phase, but you want to provide simple content like whitepapers and press announcements along with a section for traders. - mostly an "about us" kind of factor. We may also be supplying particulars about our product.

Then there's your blog site - presently using godaddy's quickblogcast. Not necessarily a bad start however i suspect I wish to proceed to another thing.

Now you ask , - it is possible to framework will be able to use that can make decent, otherwise outstanding, sites? Again, I've my hands full with three projects additionally to my regular job and do not have enough time to understand web programming. I additionally shouldn't just pay an internet person after which be in the cold for upgrades, changes, etc. I've been burned before. I'm pleased with an internet-based application or perhaps a desktop application that develops html or whatever after which I'm able to ftp up towards the hosting servers.

In summary: - easy to get began - low time to obtain a web site going - capability to integrate having a couple of hands-done pages - pay friend integration - uservoice integration - capability to put under my svn could be nice too


Because of the responders. I realize now why my original searches unsuccessful. I wasn't trying to find "Content management systems". I'll return and do this. I'd expect that this can be a many-occasions-duplicate...

EDIT: I'm thinking about using Wordpress and Drupal Body for each one of the sites. Used to do one Drupal site rapidly so I possibly could be eligible for a among the Microsoft programs for reduced dev tools - anyway - it had been a fast and dirty home page and i'm still around the learning curve. I anticipate having fun with it. To date it's been ok. I don't know about carrying out a taste-test between your two - may well be a total waste of time where I possibly could just become much better at Drupal faster than investing time using blogging platforms...

Could keep up-to-date.


Choosing the Drupal answer by slim for the time being. That's what I'm going with. Do not have time for you to check them out. Wordpress seems like the best place too, but such short time...

Results: I've attempted wordpress and drupal to date. Wordpress is ideal for blogging or a website that you would like to operate advertisements from, however i disagree that it's ready for any corporate site, unless of course you need to spend time and effort making your personal theme, etc. But when spent that point, why don't you use drupal?

Drupal would be a little intimidating in the beginning - but after investing about 4 hrs reading through the overview and step-by-step guide online would be a HUGE step. I acquired an easy site ready to go easily next. Attempting to make an internet site just by visiting the admin panel without reading through anything is really a total waste of time. You will need to browse the paperwork. The website is excellent.

start here:


I'd suggest drupal to anybody. It's amazing abilities, plenty of support and a lot of customers.

Just doing blogging? Wordpress is actually great for your.

Now I have got two sites running with many different the functionality I needed - plus they look great.

Yet Another EDIT

Well, I've switched to wordpress after purchasing a style after which getting the aid of web-developers. I suppose each one works - it's really a few getting comfortable witht he fundamentals, using a proven method and seeking things out.

What you are searching for is really a Content management systems. You will find many to select from. Drupal is popular.

There's some continuity between blog engine and Content management systems: a classy blog system approaches the functionality of the simple Content management systems.

I'd have a look at using WordPress as well as other blog engine. These are simple to personalize and configure to complete not only blogs.

Since you've got a technical background, you need to have the ability to bend it for your will.