For many internet sites I wish to possess a header text on the top of the image. I'm not going the look to become a photo, an image of anything nor a repeating textured background. I don't know things i am searching for however the image must be subtle and never strong. A good example might be random color waves. The concept is by using these images rather than a dull solid color because the background image inside a header div.

Any free services which offer such images to gain access to from?

It's less than free but it is relatively inexpensively... http://world wide

They've a multitude of artwork (not only photos). It may sound like you are searching for sign and less a photograph. I looked for "gradient" and located this.

Kinda cheap, however for something really subtle and never too fancy you should use jQuery UI's ThemeRoller to configure this content area and employ the backdrop image it creates. This works best for me sometimes since I am a developer and also have zero graphics abilities.

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