I have volunteered to create a website for any school. I am searching to create a site using something similar to Wordpress or Joomla. Let me go going rapidly.

It must perform the following:

  • Make simple user makes up about each student. They are able to login and adjust such things as their information (address, email, phone).
  • When the student is drenched in, you will find also a number of forms they are able to complete online. These forms have to be connected to the student's login. They have to have typical fields like text, radio buttons, check boxes, photo accessories. The information ought to be saved inside a database online but additionally e-mailed towards the admin (with accessories). Some forms could be completed multiple occasions per school term (like expenses forms).
  • Ideally, an admin user can certainly create/modify forms without technical understanding
  • The website must have moderate security to help keep amateur cyber-terrorist out.

What's the easiest method to do that? Ideally using free &lifier free web software.


wordpress + secure-contact-si form is fairly oke.. but bear in mind that using something similar to wordpress, while not needing much technical understanding, still asks fundamental understanding of server security along with other security issues to help keep bad folks out.. I suggest if selecting wordpress to update the contact page wordpress plugin frequently (wordpress also) and extremely, really limit using third party plug ins please be aware, 3rd party "styles" may also be harmful, be extra careful on styles using old timthumb versions (a picture resizing script)