I've just moved my domain to a brand new host and so i will have a virtual server and much more control.

Everything appears to operate ok basically visit time2munch.com but when I visit world wide web.time2munch.com I simply obtain the IIS7 screen.

My configurations for DNS possess a records for world wide web and without pointing towards the same ip. I've got a CNAME record for world wide web pointing to time2munch.com also

In IIS7 i've got a website for named world wide web.time2munch.com, the application pool has got the same title and also the folder it uses also offers exactly the same title.

After I click test connection it features a warning for Authorisation saying cannot verify use of path.

I've 2 site bindings, one for that world wide web prefix and something without. Both on port 80 and utilizing the same Ip.

It is possible to setting I'm missing?

Determine in case your DNS are right http://world wide web.dnsstuff.com/