I created a website and released it on the LAN computer running IIS 6. through my testing phase to make certain it looked correct and labored with all of browsers. I heavily used CSS for my layout, a tiny bit of javascript and ASP just for Server Side Includes. Design was examined in Chrome, Opera, Opera, IE8 and Safari. All being employed as intended.

After I visited upload my completed website onto my domain names host, the web site arrived on the scene searching different along with the css drop-lower menu no longer working. The next URL shows the variations (sorry both screen caps are combined due to link limit on SO):


After looking into a bit, I came across that hosting site runs Apache his or her server. I additionally went the ASP command Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_PROTOCOL") on hosts and learned that my IIS testing host came back SERVER_PROTOCOL: HTTP/1.1 as the Apache host returns SERVER_PROTOCOL: HTTP/1.

I'm somewhat stuck on what to do came from here. Is difference in server methods leading to my css to become construed improperly around the Apache server? Can One do anything whatsoever about this thinking about my domain located server has run out of my control? Shall We Be Held completely off target and really should look elsewhere?

CSS is construed through the browser, not the net server. The issue most likely has related to the way in which your host company supports ASP sites (whether it supports that whatsoever).

This has the aroma of wrong file references.

Are you certain the live server isn't just obtaining a fatal error and aborting the execution from the page?

Perhaps you have checked your error sign in your host user interface?

there might be some (backslash) rather than / (slash) in certain path definition. IIS translates backslash or slash in the same manner (Apache does not).