I'm researching a brand new ASP.Internet project that we wish to host inside a Home windows Azure Web Role. Among the technical needs of the project would be to take advantage from the full pre-compilation options (non-updatable, single page set up) from the ASP.Internet Site project model - instead of the ASP.Internet Web Application project model.

Can you really host ASP.Internet Site projects in Azure? Best I will tell the project templates for Azure are ASP.Internet Web Programs only right now.

The short response is yes, however it is not easy.

Among the awesome reasons for Azure is the fact that just about anything copy-deployable could be used to Azure. As a result you site project could be used. The difficult part would be that the Visual Studio tools don't presently (and could never) support it. You will need to make use of the CSPack command line tool to package your deployment.

Okay, I had been battling with similar problem for day or two, this is actually the step-by-step guide

(1) Publish your site project to some folder (for my situation is "PrecompiledWebWebSite1", which resides within the sub folder of my azure project)

(2) Modify your merchandise definition(.csdef), adding a webrole

<WebRole title="WebSite1" enableNativeCodeExecution="true">


  <InputEndpoint title="HttpIn" protocol="http" port="80" />


<ConfigurationSettings />


(3) Run the next command(CSPack) at command prompt

cspack CloudService1ServiceDefinition.csdef /role:WebRole4WebRole4 /role:WorkerRole1WorkerRole1binDebugWorkerRole1.dll /role:WebSite1PrecompiledWebWebSite1 /out:CloudService1.cspkg /generateConfigurationFile:"ServiceConfig.cscfg"

(4) Essentially you're almost done!

Best of luck! )