Problem: Many customers on our website don't have makes up about our SVN repository. Once we produce a connect to an SVN document using markup such as this:

<a href="https://documentURL/document.pdf">View Document</a>

customers who follow the link must enter authentication information right into a pop-up dialog box.

Our solution: We now have produced a restricted access account with read-only abilities for several documents. We integrated the Java SVNKit library into our ColdFusion website and that we sign in to SVN using our limited access account qualifications.

Help needed: Being drenched-directly into SVN using the limited access account doesn't avoid the authentication dialog box from showing up. Can there be in whatever way to avoid this dialog box from showing up while still only giving customers the access degree of our limited access account?


I suggest you take a look at Sventon. Sventon is really a web-based Subversion browser which is going to do a lot of the thing you need. For instance, you are able to arrange it, therefore the Sventon will log right into a valid account and permit customers of Sventon read-only access.

You may also setup Sventon to permit downloads of files (this really is strictly optional), so customers without Subversion access can download the files. (This really is not looking at the files because this produces no working directory or enables you to definitely make changes).

Sventon works together with software like Jira and Jenkins which can be precisely what you actually need.

Perhaps you have investigated Anonymous SVN access?

Use cfcontent to seize the file and serve up. You are able to wrap any coldfusion logic round the cfcontent call to safeguard your classified documents.

Let me thank everybody for his or her help about this. I've discovered the answer. Within the URL you'll be able to go into the authentication information within the following format: http://user:password@server:80/path

Find out more about this here: http://world wide