I've installed mybb in /forum and wordpress in /blog Frequently, my wordpress blog doest not load (feels as though the net server does not respond) and simultaneously, mybb also doesn't load note: this occurs often but is bound instantly after sometime

I've attempted using Chrome and opera ----Chrome sometimes just keeps loading and sometime give "no data recieved" ----Opera simply keeps loading, loading and loading

First i figured this occurs just with me however when i requested my pal to spread out my website, it happened with him too

When the server does not get hit very frequently, you might find that the web server is effectively turning itself off because of lack of exercise.

Then when you visit it following a "lengthy" duration of lack of exercise, it requires some time although it load the applying, renews the cache etc.. ie just like restarting the net application.

You can be certain this really is not the issue, should you go through the "not reacting" behavior when you are positively browsing the website.

If you're aggregating contents then wordpress isn't your decision. However found cache plug ins like quickcache can solve your condition.