I've got a website, which runs a built-in wordpress blog, the wordpress was installed by my webhost also it would be a a single click install. Then i went into my FTP and required all of the files in the original style and edited it to appear like this site but still function. this really is all fine and dandy.

However, I must run another page on the separate wordpress blog (so there's essentially two seperate archiving systems in position among the pages is really a blog, and also the other is articles that are created monthly).

can there be anyway to get this done using the a single click install, for instance with the Wordpress admin User interface?

Interesting help ahead of time.

You should use Wordpress MU (Multisite) to do this or simply install another Wordpress instance.


Would be the two instances you would like running on a single domain? Different domain names?

Regarding the a single click install out of your hosting company, I am unsure which hosting company it's or maybe you will find any choices for this on the website.

Please clarify for those who have any more issues. :)