I'm wondering if people could publish some good examples of interesting websites and web applications which were constructed with Erlang?

I'm able to begin with a couple of Erlang based sites:

  • twitterfall.com - Waterfall of Tweets
  • vimagi.com - Cooperative painting.
  • twoorl.com - Twitter clone.
  • dayfindr.com - Collaborative meeting arranging.
  • beerriot.com - Beer enthusiast site.

CouchDB - an apache project, document server.

ejabberd (a Jabber server) is a nice large one. It is not an internet site however with its http-bind and http-poll and web admin modules it's technically an internet application.

The toy twitter search mash up site I compromised up some time back ihatevans

I even put the origin on github

Pretty simplistic Mochiweb based web application.

Dayfindr.com is just one of my projects :) I've brand new one: world wide web.opinion8r.com