Can there be any particular means by which we are able to access the net SQL Database of 1 page, by other page. To really make it more obvious, suppose produces the database DB and store some info. Now comes and wish to access exactly the same database DB. It is possible to way? Or what are the options to get this done? I attempted to implement in HTML5 and Javascript however the databases along with the localStorages are limiting simply to particular pages, I would like this to become mix the web pages.

If you prefer a script on to have the ability to read in the database of then no -- the Same Origin Policy is used to localStorage and Web SQL databases, meaning only scripts running on a single domain because the script that produced the database are permitted to have the database.

Your best choice for the reason that situation is always to send the information from one-domain to the server and also have the server of one-domain push the information to another-domain (otherwise, if they're on a single network, give a shared resource they are able to communicate over.)

You are able to make this happen by together with a utility iFrame having a database access script from inside your pages and the other way around. After that you can use mix document texting to transfer information. Observe that postMessage only sends an easy string and when you are attempting to pass structured information and will need to agree with a serialization. is a hack.