I wish to understand how is done. I create a site at weebly, ( it is a sitebuilder).

I recieve a website xxx.weebly.com

Basically want my custom domain title, I set An eye on custom domain title to suggest to server :

Real question is, how that default application(on works that takes my domain title and show this content from the site in my experience?

Suppose your custom domain title is 'mysite.com'. At weebly, you place the An archive to that is like saying 'when someone really wants to access 'mysite.com' I would like these to be delivered to

This post is provided to all of the dns servers round the internet within the next couple of hrs but could sometimes take more time. Later on, each time a request is distributed out for 'mysite.com' it will likely be planned to

This really is weebly.com so when the request arrives, it'll include information stating that the initial request was for 'mysite.com'. Weebly then looks in it's records to determine who wanted that to occur, observe that you've made the modification and knowing you have xxx.weebly.com, reveal that site.

Hopefully helps