Until today, I've had Apache 2. running like a service utilizing a local account that was set up with appropriate permissions. Sometime yesterday, someone should have transformed something, and today Apache 2. will not start like a service under this account.

I made the account webmaster temporarily, and Apache 2. begins fine.

I attempted following a access indexed by the official documentation, however it appears to want more access. Does anybody understand what access Apache 2. must start like a service?

I am running Apache 2..63 with SVN 1.4.6 and mod_auth_sspi for home windows domain authentication.

I additionally checked the syntax from the configuration file from command-line while using -t parameter, however i received the content Syntax OK.

Here's the mistake I recieve when beginning like a service from command-line:

X:>net start apache2

The Apache2 services are beginning.

The Apache2 service couldn't be began.

Something specific error happened: 1.

More assistance is available by typing Internet HELPMSG 3547.

Verify that the service continues to have the "Login like a Service" user right. In case your machine is part of a website, it is possible the account permissions or user privileges happen to be totally reset with a group policy.

Are you able to perform a "Run As" while using Apache account, and run Apache in the command line? This will explain if you will find other permission problems.

Set the "LogLevel" directive to "debug" within the apache configuration file.

Execute Apache in the command-line and employ the "-X" argument to ensure that Apache doesn't fork processes.

Apache should output a little more details to assist debug your condition.