Hey men I am going to possess a large amount of spare time once my exams are taken care of (Second year comp sci). I wish to learn php, and I've got a project to operate on - creating a form for a web site to book an area in a hikers. With this to operate correctly I will have to store some infortmation regarding the number of beds remain for your evening inside a database.

  1. I'll use PHP and HTML for that form - Exactly what do I personally use to create a database of accessible rooms.

  2. The way I update this database from outdoors from the website (e.g. whenever a client books in over the telephone).

Thanks ahead of time.

Q#1: Lots of people use phpmyadmin (that also comes packed in wamp if you are on Home windows). But when you are well on home windows I would suggest an application named Navicat. This is the only factor we use in the office. If you are on linux I suggest learning commandlines. If you won't want to learn that you could obviously setup phpmyadmin.

Q#2: Then you ought to have some kind of after sales signing up system to ensure that the one who solutions the phone call can perform the registration.

An alternative choice to Q#2 is an individual solutions the phone call, would go to the after sales, completes the individuals title and email, along with a confirmation email that contains a "complete the shapeInch link is distributed towards the caller, letting caller complete the relaxation from the info.