I have been getting a glance through Mercurial's listing of Hg hosting companies but can't really distinguish much concerning the real excellence of the services.

What exactly are other peoples' encounters with free websites? Which may you recommend and why?

I am very a new comer to Mercurial, however the consensus appears to become that BitBucket is the site to visit.

NOTE: This appears to become a consensus just for free projects, I am unsure about closed source projects. It appears in my experience similar to their closed-source (private databases) offering is not too great.

Kiln is actually nice, and also the "students and online companies" edition causes it to be free for one or two designers.

Google Code enables Mercurial databases (together with SVN). Their service is very good, fast and reliable. Projects might have multiple "official" repos, and customers might have personal repos that belongs to them (but only as clones of other, public repos). Additionally they only impose initial size limits (like 2GB for downloads), however, you only have to request to be elevated. The limits exist to avoid junk e-mail projects.

They likewise have an excellent web UI, that is something many people don't worry about until they have used a high quality one after which needed to return. An excellent online code review feature, a easy and simple to make use of wiki system, an amazing problem tracker etc.

I have used BitBucket too, and i believe GC is much better with a wide margin.

It's just for OSS projects though.

From my research - if you are looking at private databases, then you're most likely going to need to purchase them. Most of the services I have checked out charge in line with the quantity of private repos but allow limitless public repos. With that said, a few of the services are relatively inexpensively.

I requested a similar question in The month of january, your publish reminded me which i meant to update it using the research Used to do since. The very best laid plans etc...

Anyway, I have up-to-date it now despite the fact that my needs were just a little different (the driving pressure being problem monitoring instead of just repository hosting) the solutions there and also the summary within the question, may be helpful.