The greater I just read about NoSQL, the greater it starts to seem just like a column oriented database in my experience.

What are the differences between NoSQL (e.g. CouchDB, Cassandra, MongoDB) along with a column oriented database (e.g. Vertica, MonetDB)?

Some NoSQL databases are column-oriented databases, plus some SQL databases are column-oriented too. If the database is column or row-oriented is really a physical storage implementation detail from the database and may be the case with both relational and non-relational (NoSQL) databases.

Vertica, for instance, is really a column-oriented relational database therefore it wouldn't really become qualified as a NoSQL datastore.

A "NoSQL movement" datastore is much better understood to be being non-relational, shared-nothing, flat scalable database without (always) Acidity guarantees. Some column-oriented databases could be indicated by doing this. Besides column stores, NoSQL implementations likewise incorporate document stores, object stores, tuple stores, and graph stores.

As @tuinstoel authored, the article solutions your question in point 3:

3. Interface. Group A is distinguished by being a member of the NoSQL movement and doesn't typically possess a traditional SQL interface. Group B supports standard SQL connects.

A NoSQL Database is really a different paradigm from traditional schema based databases. They are made to scale and hold documents like json data. Clearly there is a method of querying information, but you are very likely syntax like eval("person = * and age > 10) for locating data. Even when they support standard SQL interface, they are meant for another thing, if you like SQL you need to stay with traditional databases.

A column-oriented database differs from traditional row-oriented databases due to the way they store data. By storing an entire column together rather than a row, you are able to minimize disk access when choosing a couple of posts from the row that contains many posts. In row-oriented databases there is no difference should you choose only one or all fields from the row.

You spend for any more costly place though. Placing a brand new row may cause many disk procedures, with respect to the quantity of posts.

There is however no difference with traditional databases when it comes to SQL, Acidity, foreign secrets and things like that.