In my opinion any programmer that has been coping with database demands inside a gui application has encounter some or the following problems:

  • Your GUI freezes since you call database layer from inside the big event dispatch thread
  • If you have multiple home windows/sections/jframes where user can begin a db request your speed and agility degrades because you do not have any control concerning the threads your user produces
  • User may have the ability to lock lower the applying as well as the database while he calls any pursuit many occasions prior to the first action continues to be finished

What Let me learn about: what are the frameworks that handle the needs of handling an purchased group of lengthy running actions (including although not restricted to database calls, i.e. information) outdoors the big event dispatch thread?

Note: I understand of SwingWorker -)

Naked Objects facilitate a clean domain model and in addition they possess a GUI 2 DB mapping layer --

I doubt you'll find something specific for database demands. You can test to reuse existing generic task arranging libraries. A good example may be the Eclipse jobs API. This doesn't rely on the IDE.


This type of factor ought to be present in Netbeans for instance. See RequestProcessor. However in simpler cases this isn't needed. Before I want something similar to thread arranging and control I merely used new concurrency packages incorporated in J5 (I made use of J6). Using its ExecutorFactory-ies you can just achieve fundamental treatments for tasks. You may also apply certain queues. This PDF can help. The PDF is designed in Slovak language however the Single/Multiple task employees exist designed in Java )