what are the free Team Foundation Server sites we are able to use for the private development? Do not say CodePlex (that we love) because which means the code is opensource.

Lastly, I additionally realize that many people might enhance the problem of getting their private code located somewhere by people they don't know, etc.. so do not raise any security concerns.

I am speculating you will find no free websites due to certification reasons?

No free companies web hosting TFS hosting. It's not only certification limitations that will stop them, appears like it might be a tough job to earn money while supplying servers and also the bandwidth for individuals to host private projects.

If you're a small start-up and desired to use TFS, then have a look in the new BizSpark program from Microsoft. This gives essentially all you need to launch a Microsoft technology based company free of charge (aside from the hardware) - including TFS and Visual Studio Team Suite.

You will find an increasing number of commercial TFS website hosts available if you want the advantages of TFS without the hosting it yourself. One of these simple is presently offering a 30-day free trial offer of TFS hosting, to learn more see http://world wide web.teamdevcentral.com/trial.html

I'd think it is doubtful there will be a free one. Team Foundation Server was very costly for all of us to implement and so i could be surprised if a person was hosting free of charge. Apart from the CodePlex type options.

You will find services where one can pay per user monthly like that one or that one>

I've found it doubtful you will discover free though.

Additionally, there are an aussie hosting provider, but as if you stated .. they all are $$$.

It isn't which i don't mind $$$ models (hosters need to purchase their usage, etc) .. it is simply it appears really costly.

specifically for small start ups :(

We are managing a pilot program on our TFS Hosting services, so for a while of your time it's free. Next we'll possess the best money saving deals about the full TFS suite.

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