There is an issue about hosting for django on SO, however i am searching for free one, to test out my first "startup" :)

There's just one free on , however it could not be lucrative (http://world wide My application eventually is going to be, I really hope! :)

Are you aware any easy to setup hosting for any beginner that enables commercial projects? Mainly to exhibit startup to couple of people and combine it with portfolio... : - )

Google Application Engine is free of charge if you do not use much traffic and turn into under their quota.

Webfaction is not free, but it's cheap hosting that is shared by having an easy interface to create your Django project.

Obtain a dynamic dns title ( forward port 80 using your router to some desktop and you are done.

It may sound in my experience much like your project does not presently violate Ambitious Lemon's conditions and terms, by itself. Since you are not positively earning money in the project it may be okay. You can always contact them and request.

Otherwise Google Application Engine or establishing your personal web server are most likely your very best options. Django takes enough server assets as well as enough setup that many free website hosts aren't going to help you to operate a Django application.