I must build a summaryOrchart of as a number of our programs dependencies as you possibly can. Examining .Internet application dependencies is rather easy using tools for example NDepend (that we love!). However when it involves exterior dependencies, for example databases and webservices, I want something better, and ideally something that may be automated by various tools.

For instance I would have one tool inhabiting a listing of databases, another tool for inhabiting a listing of .Internet programs, another tool that will get a listing of webservices and lastly something that in some way understands how to mine the programs for dependencies between your components discovered by another tools.

Any the majority of this may be automated to ensure that I wouldn't need to maintain a listing of dependencies myself which may be error prone and most likely be outdated when i finish. And So I would like to possess a tool that may do everything for me personally or at best something that may hold, evaluate and visualize the constituents and dependencies, rather than building it myself. The less I must perform the better...

Try Lattix. It's support for databases along with other technologies as well as permit you to specify your personal exterior dependencies

Although Lattix is rather flexible I discovered it simpler to simply write my very own viewer and data store to find the functionality I needed. It had not been everything bad to complete but would have been nice to utilize a standard solution rather than a custom one.