Let me roll my very own server in order to have my projects available 24/7 however with more versatility than among the free companies like github can offer. Anybody have a very good hosting service which includes spend access? I have been looking on the internet, however i obtain a strange spammy vibe from many of the places.

Would you like a Website hosting account or would you like to store a Git repository somewhere? There is a difference. Whether it's just hosting, you will get hosting that is shared anywhere for $5 or less monthly. It's hosting that is shared and you'll (appropriately) stress about security. If that's the case, VPS is really a more sensible choice and begins at about $15-20/month for any (virtual) devoted server you have root use of.

But when you're really soon after somewhere to host a Git repository I'd suggest considering a professional company. You will find many variants upon Github. I have just began using Project Locker since the free version has SSL support, 500MB of space (that's lots of source code despite revisions), as much as 5 customers with no limit on projects (a number of other free companies limit you to definitely 1 project). Additionally, it has problem monitoring (Trac) and Wiki tools.

I could install each one of these by myself account why bother?

Also, see Best git repository hosting for commercial project?

Some companies offer Redmine, for example SVN Repository (that is Subversion and Git).

For sake of completeness, there's Planio Redmine Hosting too. Our company specializes in highly available Redmine &lifier Git/SVN hosting with super-friendly customer care. I might be biased, but telling by the amount of clients with existing installations elsewhere who wish to migrate to the platform - I believe our men do quite a solid job :-)

http://world wide web.Unfuddle.com rocks !. Quick, easy, and great customer support. A little project is free of charge. Fantastic way to give it a try. A mid-sized project is just $9 monthly. This is exactly what we are using on our project and may 't be more happy.

If you would like git hosting, have a look at http://git.or.cz/gitwiki/GitHosting (GitHub, Gitorious and repo.or.cz appears most widely used, with Unfuddle next consequently, based on current results of Git User's Survey 2009).

I am a bit late towards the party but perhaps you have seen http://sourcerepo.com/

The corporation does git/svn and redmine. This can be just what you're searching for. Appears like $7/Month will get you everything you will need. Quite cheap in comparison to options like github.

Use a free BitNami Redmine cloud image within the Amazon . com Cloud. It offers Git integration as they are and you will personalize it as being you fit (because it has full SSH access). The good thing is you can host it entirely free of charge while using Amazon . com free tier. It might be a micro instance, that ought to be ok to obtain began or if you don't have large performance needs. You may even wish to checkout our BitNami Cloud Hosting service, which allows you backup copies and monitoring for the instance (we have a totally free Developer intend to match the main one from AWS).