I am creating a new Silverlight application for any photography studio. I had been going to say "you need a Home windows-based server hosting it" after which I figured, wait is the fact that right? Appears like it isn't. And So I could point him toward a Linux host.

I understand you need to register the MIME types (from the different SO thread). Are there more caveats or gotchas that I have to learn about? Assume for any second which i know alongside nothing about Linux.

Edit: let's say the application needs to speak to a database (mySQL)? Appears like I'd must have Moonlight to obtain that going, which is not gonna fly.

The only real factor you need to do is make sure the web server provides the right MIME type for that .xap (that is application/x-silverlight-application). There you have it.

There's nothing obstructing you to definitely host a Silverlight application(Client Plug-in) in a webserver on any platform.

Silverlight is client technology. There's nothign (but MIME types) which are needed to host on non-MS servers. But when you've server-side code (e.g. web services or Relaxation API's speaking for your mySQL db), that server-side technology will have to focus on Linux. That's completely outside of Silverlight. You might like to do the server stuff with Java or PHP (or any other Linux-friendly platform) but Silverlight does not care what it really foretells and may be offered inside a non-MS platform easily.

Relating to your edit (on mysql) -- no you wouldn't need Moonlight (as that's client only too). You'd have to expose your database functionality via a service layer of sorts as Shawn notes.