I have been thinking about image hosting services for any project but am beginning to question in the event that's too complicated for my audience as they'd need to upload almost all their images towards the hosting service after which "attach" the pictures towards the CSS file while using links the hosting service adds. While this is a quite simple process for all of us designers, I am thinking that could be a sizable barrier for you to get user buy-set for this feature.

I possibly could simplify by hosting and serving the pictures myself but I am concerned about potential scalability problems that could present that we not have the hardware or bandwidth to take care of currently.

My thought is the fact that I possibly could have customers upload their images and CSS towards the server in one zip file towards the web server that could then extract the files in the zip, push the pictures onto a picture hosting service, programmatically obtain the corresponding URL in the service increase the CSS accordingly before affixing it towards the user's display profile.

This method could kill both wild birds with one stone, I wouldn't need to bother about the bandwidth issues triggered by serving potentially large images on every profile request and also the user does not need to go with the headache of requiring to setup a merchant account with an image hosting service.

Does anybody are conscious of any image hosting services will be able to programmatically integrate with this has good reliability and gratifaction that may assist me with this particular conundrum?

Thanks ahead of time

You may consider Amazon . com CloudFront. I haven't used that one service, but I have tried personally Amazon . com EC2 and S3 extensively and am quite happy.

Take a look at Flickr's API:

http://world wide web.flickr.com/services/api/

I recommend you to definitely take a look to Google Picasa API too:


We will add our image hosting API today or tomorrow check it here:

http://world wide web.piczasso.com/api.php