I simply question if you will find any JDBC implementations (in certain extent, whenever possible) for just about any NoSql DB (opensource or proprietary)?

How can you think, is it feasible this implementation can have nearly as good performance as raw API of correspondent NoSql DB?

Which parts can't be implemented (transactions? CallableStatements? etc)?

SQL-based DBs convey more in keeping than different. JDBC develops individuals parallels. For away SQL, the majority of the rationale for JDBC is finished! Also, NoSQL DBs have pretty broadly different APIs... there's almost nothing to capture within common group of techniques.

Short answer: No.

Yes for MongoDB you will find several lib available similar to JDBC,JPA. make use of this link Used to do an evaluation application and that i discovered that performance from the MongoDB is way better than MySQL while carrying out bulk card inserts and fetching large no of records.

If you're thinking about any NoSQL data store i would suggest MongoDB.