General SQL Parser (GSP) is really a quite feature wealthy SQL parser (towards the extent which i have performed by using it) that enables for modifying SQL claims inside a robust way by changing the parse tree itself. In addition, it supports SQL tastes for many popular databases. However, a large minus with GSP is it is horribly, simply horribly, recorded: the javadoc's consist mostly from the raw method and property names (with very little comments), you will find really no documentation that outlines the core functionality and also the concept of most significant qualities and techniques also it appears like they've just uncovered everything as public people, making the API very difficult to grasp by searching in internet marketing. The only real documentation is a lot of practical good examples from that you've to reverse-engineer this is from the API calls yourself.

I don't like creating production critical software having a library like this. So because of the above mentioned, I'd prefer using another parser, but have regrettably unsuccessful to locate any options (for java) concentrating on the same functionality and support for multiple SQL tastes.

What are the comparable (!) options to GSP for java available?

I am James from gudu software(company that developed General SQL Parser). Because of the complexness of SQL language of numerous databases for example Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Teradata, PostgreSQL, the SQL Parser we produced to aid individuals databases was a bit complicated too.

I must admit the document of General SQL Parser is actually poor, Maybe we ought to put more effort around the document instead of SQL library itself.

Fortunately, we now have produced a wealthy group of demos to help individuals getting began rapidly.

If continue to be thinking about using General SQL Parser, please kindly tell me(I'm able to be arrived at via We're pleased to help.

Perhaps you have had a glance at JsqlParser? I'm not sure the way it compares feature smart, but I have seen it utilized in production code and delay pills work very well.