I've my apple iphone Apple push notices (APNS) employed in php by myself machine. I don't block port 2195 outgoing, however it appears HostGator does and it is not wanting to open the main harbour. I'd imagine many web hosting companies are identical, but I am wondering if anyone's found one that doesn't block 2195 and 2196.

I recognize I possibly could make use of a VPS to get this done, but Let me keep costs lower, I am not delivering out lots of notices, and that i be aware of quite simple php scripts I have got produced will work.

I highly suggest http://fivebean.com/account/aff.php?aff=092 Yes, it's an affiliate link but they're the very best VPS that I've ever used. And they're cheap.

That host formally forces http://twurla.com/ which processes and filters 1000's of tweets and web addresses each minute on the mid-range VPS. Their support is excellent too, the typical response time is 10-fifteen minutes tops.

I realize you did not want a VPS but this host is extremely simple and easy , should not be way too hard to setup whatsoever. Apart from that, I'm not sure associated with a shared hosts that open manual ports for you personally. I personally use Dreamhost, Bluehost now and I have tried personally many more and that i realize that most won't allow you to.

Thanks, James Hartig

I had been finally able to perform this through BlueHost.com I registered for that devoted Ip for and extra $2.50 monthly they were prepared to open ports 2195 and 2196 for me personally.