For instance, I discovered an internet site known as, an element of the Information Today network, that seems to achieve the latest research and guides in understanding management. Exist sites such as this for other fields, or possibly a network laptop or computer science and software engineering sites?

I've chose to make this publish wiki editable to ensure that it'll (hopefully) become all of the assets. I'd be thankful if every poster makes their posting community wiki to ensure that it may be chosen on without having affected status (it may be chosen on in line with the content from the website) or costing someone among their 30 daily votes.

I election for reddit, since nobody has pointed out it.

it is a very light-hearted consider the news, and it is heavily gadget-centric but Gizmodo is usually a good read.

digg provides you with tales from many different tech news sites, together with all subjects is a great one, but it is in Nederlander so most likely not so interesting for many site visitors here. Worth a mention anyway.