I am searching for a great caching technique for an CRM Application designed in ASP.Internet. Just about all sites depend heavily around the database, meaning caching parts/the entire page for a while doesn't work during my situation. Can there be every other way you utilize caching during these situations?

UPDATE 1: The setup may be the following: - ASP.Internet Application located on IIS - Application uses either Entity Framework or nHibernate as OR Mapper as Data Access technology - no matter which technologies have more advantages of my specific needs - SQL Server 2008

We use caching for reference data that populates combo boxes along with other fields(e.g. help fields) and then any values which are unlikely to alter frequently.

You will find different amounts of caching which are saved for various amounts of time, including: Session (duration of the session) Application (duration of the net service)

What database engine?

For SQL Server, perhaps you have checked out SqlCacheDependency? Enables you to definitely retain data sets and offers a cache invalidation mechanism according to notices in the server. See The Mysterious Notification to have an explanation how it operates.