I've simply no experience dealing with cms and also have been researching a great system to begin developing with. No specific project in your mind, I'm just attempting to hold the overall development concepts of the popular cms. My experience includes HTML/CSS, very fundamental PHP, plus some Java.

I've it simplified lower to Drupal, Joomla, or Wordpress. In the information I've collected, Drupal includes a steeper learning curve, Wordpress includes a large and prepared group of theme assets, and Joomla brings a little more simplicity for beginning designers.

Does anybody have positive encounters to talk about?

From the experience using a number of WordPress and Joomla sites, I recommend beginning with WordPress. The training curve is a lot more compact and I have found WordPress documentation more useful compared to Joomla documentation. Unless of course the expansion for you to do necessitates the bigger/more flexible Joomla or Drupal framework, begin with WordPress with regard to simplicity.

I have used these, and would advise using Drupal.

Wordpress is great, however i can't stand developing on the top from it. I personally use Wordpress for that rather easy sites that need simply very fundamental Content Management. And that's why I personally use Wordpress for my own site which is simply a blog.

Drupal is excellent. The as they are Modules whcih you will get for Durpal causes it to be nearly impossible to develop anything for. You will find Sooo many modules that happen to be produced for Drupal that you'll be challenged not to look for a module which already does what it's you need.

Sights, Sections, Contexts, Omega/Alpha Templates, Fields, WebForms, honestly, wonderful these modules open to you, you may create practically any web site that you'll require.

Joomla, I apologize to express it, but that bubble burst nearly about ten years ago. I would not advise anybody to make use of Joomla.

If you're searching for other CMS's that you simply have not yet investigated... a couple of you might like to are, ModxCMS, ExpressionEngine (as Matt suggested), and SilverStripe.

It's my job to use either WordPress or ExpressionEngine when an off-the-shelf Content management systems is suitable. WordPress is excellent when you are able just create or personalize a style so when a site's data associations aren't excessively complex. ExpressionEngine continues to be ideal for bigger sites, and it is great with complicated/dynamic associations because of great add-ons like Playa and Matrix.

I am additionally a relatively huge fan of ExpressionEngine's community great support, active forums, plus some nice/gifted people. I have only labored with Drupal a couple of occasions and did not enjoy it due to the steeper learning curve, and it is not as cleanly centered on HTML and CSS therefore it is a little harder if you have a front-finish design team to utilize that won't do well with PHP.

I've zero knowledge about Joomla outdoors of some demos, therefore if it's awesome than I am really missing out. Like Drupal, its admin panel is simply ugly and thus I have never been drawn to it. Lots of great free projects appear to become tragically ugly, and it is rarely well worth the additional time to build up an epidermis if theming is a priority.