I'm thinking about writing and commercialising a C# application that will store data within an underlying database I personally use MySQL on my small atmosphere for my very own development which is things i might have accustomed to write the applying personally (you don't need to use FK - MyISAM engine could be fine).

I'm worried about how easy it will likely be to distribute the application along with the database engine. Would using MySQL allow me for simple packaging from the application for any "one-click" install around the client side? (ie I don't want them to need to install MySQL on their own) as well as could it be achievable from the certification perspective?

Exist other Database systems which may result in the process more straight-forward

Have a look at SQL Server Compact 3.5

Sqlite really is easy. You simply deploy the DLL together with your application. I can not tell how appropriate it's for the situation, given the possible lack of info.

I believe [cde] could have the desired effect, because it is a filesystem-based database, so no installation needed.

SQLite may also have the desired effect, and many of companies get it already installed included in Microsoft 'office', if you wouldn't need so that it is installed to be able to make use of the Odbc or OleDb devices that are members of the GAC.

I believe, that the embedded DBMS is the greatest method for yor. For instance, you should use Firebird Embedded

The important thing here's what type of database you'll need. Is database to become shared among several customers from the application? If that's the case, than MySQL could be fine.

However it sounds a lot more like you want to make use of this database like a personal information store, where each installed demonstration of the applying has it's own data close to that machine or profile. For the reason that situation, you would like an in-process engine like Sql Server Compact Edition, Sqlite, as well as Access as opposed to a server-class engine like MySql or Sql Server Express Edition.

SQL Server 2008 Express can be obtained for redistribution by ISVs. An also deploy this using Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

SQL Server Express is yet another option. Has excellent integration with .Internet, liberated to install and supports up to 10GB per database (or even more if you are using the Filestream feature).