I'm searching at hosting a brand new site on the cloud service. It appears like awesome technology, prices is of interest, and that i can scale just in case my plans for global internet domination arrived at fruition.

I've spent a great chunk of your time determining what back-finish to make use of thought. The website is within ASP.Internet MVC, and that i have been unsuccessful if this involves SQL Server. I'm not interested in having to pay the certification for any small site just setting up. It is good for that regular job however i am searching past it with this new site.

SQL Azure appears like it's cost is ideal, nevertheless the cost of the computing scared me off, and Development Accelerator Core is simply too much risk using its contract conditions and terms.

I've been looking at a variety of alternative approaches:

  • Free Databases (MYSQL, Postgres) with Entity Framework
  • Nosql (MongoDB, CouchDB, SimpleDB, DB40, Cassandra)
  • Devoted SQL Server
  • SQL Server Web Edition
  • Calling SQL Azure from another cloud

At this time my plan's to host the net server (IIS) and also the database server on a single instance (1GB RAM Home windows 2008 R2) after which scaling out when needed.

At this time I welcome what others have determined, what's labored, what has not labored. I appreciate any encounters you need to share.

db4o is not free as well as their certification is chaotic, or at best was after i spoken with them last. Consequently, I'd steer clear.

Remember about RavenDB by Ayende &lifier crew. The certification is all about $700 however they say that they'll consider waiving the very first license fee for online companies. I have been dabbling around by using it and I have reached say, the correct answer is impressive NoSQL solution. It's much like CouchDB but very .internet oriented with a few one ups on Couch (imo).

Finally, should you join BizSpark by Microsoft, they provides you with some free airtime on Azure. Confident some sql love is incorporated by using it.

Cheers and best of luck mate.

Sql Azure here. You do not need the computing time for you to make use of the database, it only is available if you are running a credit card applicatoin on Azure.

  • MySql with EF: to date main problem I have faced would be a bug having a very lengthy running query within the MySql connector / a visit to the problem tracker revealed a workaround that certain can use by modifying + producing the origin from the connector ... just before the fix went in to the next patch.
  • db4o: this really is inside a recent project / already in position after i became a member of. 2 issues to date:
    • It does not cash support to effectively aggregate data. When I appreciate this is usual in NoSql / you simply make use of a different design for this (a minimum of that is what we now have done and also have labored).
    • You must know well the different modes involved for that database and also the procedures. Attempting to jump too much ahead easily will get you into performance issues at even small loads. It's more a learning curve problem, while using right bits works perfectly.

I must admit that Chance answer worried me as it were. After I became a member of the project with db4o it had been already in position, and so i did not take a look at license factors at that time. This stated, I have always understood which you can use GPL code on internet sites. Such as this answer: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/94346/can-i-legally-incorporate-gpl-lgpl-open-acquired-software-in-a-proprietary-clo/94468#94468, if you do not distribute technology-not only. In line with the last comment published by accident, I'd say it's likely there is some kind of communication problem there.