I'm considering using Hudson to do continuous integration testing for developing apache modules using mod_perl. Does anybody have guidelines or suggested methods for working with most of these CI systems with apache modules?

In my opinion most CI systems are as easy as just accepting some common test output format, or even while fundamental like a true or false derive from an exterior script.

It is simple to wrap looking at code, beginning a server, running tests from the server, steer clear of the server and output in TAP format and only become corresponding format, or just make use of the TAP output because against most CIs available.

If using Test::Unit, the XML output works with Hudson look into the JUnit option within the publish-build section and point it at any XML files created and you'll have pretty nice test confirming.

We all do this in addition to using Devel::Cover and taking advantage of the htmlpublisher wordpress plugin to archive and publish this.