Why would I selected something similar to Intertwined Teamsite instead of Joomla, Django, Wordpress etc. I suppose now you ask , how can i justify the price connected having a teamsite license. Also by going the teamsite route, have i got any restrictions on which can or can't be modified.


This is a side-by-side comparison of Joomla and Teamsite: http://kwebdesign.ca/cms/content/view/106/73/

Being as Teamsite's license is proprietary, it is possible that you would be restricted to what you could or can't modify (though I am speculating here, read their license).

If you are concerned about having the ability to customize the code (to be used and/or redistribution) I'd recommend among the open-source options which have a compatible license (that is most these). Really, I do not see a great deal around the comparison that will make Teamsite better. Outdoors-source solutions might be a bit more work, but they are also much more flexible. A few of the open-source solutions (e.g. Joomla) have commercial support options. They likewise have a lot of add-on's available -- plus they don't cost extra.

After I face a task, I exhaust all available open-source options before discussing the compensated route. And to date, I've not needed to purchase anything. There's honestly a lot good software available that devoted, super-gifted people put time into, and act as well (otherwise better) than compensated alternatives.


Django is really a development framework, no ECM/WCM/Content management systems like TeamSite, Drupal, and Wordpress. Therefore it can't really compare (quite simply, you can use it to build up something similar to individuals other applications with an example being django-cms).

For TeamSite versus. the relaxation I'm able to only speculate since it is been a lengthy very long time since i have used TeamSite, however i would guess the workflow features continue to be unequalled (maybe Alfresco is affordable equivalent here?) and also the integrated version control (also Alfresco might compete here, although not Drupal or Wordpress). Most PHP based CMS's are likely to use MySQL for database meaning they are not likely to have proper version control. TeamSite versioning is extremely nicely done.