I am pretty a new comer to computer science and that i lately began coping with large teams of data saved in XML files. I have always wondered how Facebook along with other networking sites store all the details connected with individual profiles (title, profile picture, wall posts, etc.) and that i seem like XML is certainly not the easiest method to store a lot information. I have attempted finding details about it with google but weren't getting an excessive amount of luck.

How can huge sites for example Facebook store and cope with a lot data? I would love to complete some reading through relating to this, if you are conscious of worthwhile websites please tell me!

Thanks ahead of time!

Instead of being saved within an XML file, Facebook utilizes a relational database--particularly, an altered version of MySQL. If you are thinking about their implementation, the MySQL official site includes a whole page of articles associated with Facebook's MySQL usage at http://www.mysql.com/customers/view/?id=757