I've been using django a good deal recently and want to look for a the place to find host my applications.

What's the best django hosting company? (Official django support preferred)

Which service has got the cheapest cost (with no lengthy contract)?

I am a huge fan of webfaction too. They aren't the least expensive hosts at $9.50 per month (if you're not prepaying for any year) however they have supported django as lengthy as it's been around, they offer the stable and 1. alpha releases and they've a user interface application that enables you to definitely setup within two minutes. Perhaps you have examined djangofriendly? You will find a number of recommendations and reviews for django hosts there.

Obtaining a slice from slicehost is most likely your best choice. At $$20/mo they're more costly than hosting that is shared plans but nothing can beat root access by yourself VPS. You are able to choose of whatever webserver, version of Django, and custom software you want.

They likewise have an excellent AJAX-y web user interface and excellent support. You will be surprised about the main difference, particularly if you are upgrading from the terrible oversold hosting that is shared plan.

I personally use Linode who offer you complete root use of your personal machine, for any really quite fee. Sure it's a little more work than someone like webfaction, but over time I believe the additional versatility and peace of mind in understanding that other user's can't modify the performance of my system causes it to be useful.

I truly, enjoy Webfaction and i believe you will find lots of others that too.

During my year with webfaction to date listed here are the positive things:

  • Great django support as they are. They've support people acquainted with django and ready to assist you whatsoever occasions. It's not hard to install release versions in order to elope SVN Trunk since you can get your personal python site-packages directory.
  • Very reliable (% down time on my small server [which i observed, anyway)]
  • Amazing support about the forums
  • Prepared to install custom software, etc.
  • SSH
  • Cheap! ($8.50/mo with 12 months pre-pay)

And also the disadvantages:

  • Hosting that is shared means no root access :'( Only root in your folder)
  • Hosting that is shared means someone else can screw up my server processes

Individuals aren't really disadvantages specific to webfaction, though, so drive them for which they are worth.

Overall I am happy together.

The cheapest cost the first is most likely Google Appengine. No contract to talk of and it is free.

@Patrick: the large problem with hosting a Django application on the internet Application Engine is the fact that GAE requires you to employ BigTable for storage, which is not (and likely will not be) integrated with Django's ORM. So, if you are searching to complete anything using the database aspect, you'll either need to write a reasonable quantity of GAE-specific code, or it is not for you personally.

http://djangofriendly.com is really a site that tries to answer this. There is a whole listing of sites with some type of Django support, each rated based on up/lower election total, and many with testimonials.

When searching there, you are able to filter by the kind of hosting you are searching for (shared versus devoted versus VPS) or by cost.

SliceHost is exactly what I personally use. They set you track of a VPS (Vps) you have full treatments for. You are able to install all of the software you have to run your websites how you need to. If you are handy with linux this really is the easiest method to go, for me.

The least expensive plan's $20/month, which, by now, provides you with 10GB of storage and 100GB monthly bandwidth. You will find no contracts you have to pay monthly.

p.s., I swear I do not work with SliceHost :)