I have been an application Developer let's focus on over ten years. I have mostly labored in Embedded C with a while allocated to C++ (limited) and Java.

I am searching to understand newer and more effective technologies and abilities. I figured that database programming might be interesting to understand. I must make my very own pet project to be able to learn this stuff.

My platform of preference is Home windows but can be employed in Linux also.

My ideal pet project would involve a GUI plus some network/internet programming also which i've some experience doing.

I would not mind engaging in C# but don't wish to bite off a lot more than I'm able to chew at this time as my free time is restricted.

Basically understand properly SQLite enables for programs to utilize a database without running an ODBC server. Is correct? Is the fact that a great starting point?

So what can I actually do to begin that's much less complicated although not so simple which i will not discover the particulars also?

Your thinking and feedback could be appreciated.

If you are attempting to learn database development (schema design, query languages) you'll be able to use any one of several technologies. SQLite, SQL Express (Microsoft), MySQL are good examples of relational RDBMS. If you wish to learn individuals you will need to learn their SQL dialect. Good schema design practices are basically exactly the same whichever you utilize.

If you wish to write database-dependent programs, you should use C++, but when you are searching to create GUI programs It is best to consider digging into C#. The syntax is close enough to C++ and Java which i don't believe learning it'll enter the right path as you concentrate on the database stuff.

Additionally, there are "dictionary" databases like MongoDB and NoSQL that basically store data graphs. They are gaining popularity and permit designers to fret less about schema and much more concerning the fixing domain problems.

For application ideas- begin slowly having a to-do list. Expand it to really make it helpful, as you accomplish that you will need to learn things to really make it work. Once you are confident with the fundamentals, go searching for open-source projects. Content management systems projects like DNN (that is VB) or Umbraco (that is C#) could be good learning tools.